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Clue 4 EvidenceEvidence being one of the most wanted element in any legal trials / enquiries, failure in presenting appropriate authenticated evidence at suitable stage of the trial has been always a challenge in legal practice today. When criminals are acquitted while everyone blames the legal system, we had a different way to look at the situation and contribute our skills to the society and to be the reason for getting Justice to the victim.

Clue4 Evidence Forensic Investigations Private Limited is a dedicated corporate entity and has been recognised as the competent Forensic Laboratory in the field of testing and investigations. Incorporated in the year 2009, Clue4 Evidence Forensic Lab is now the most preferred Forensic partner for various high profile cases which are being investigated by Police and special investigation agencies across the country. Having the corporate office at Bangalore, Clue4 Evidence Forensic Lab has been efficient in delivering various Forensic services to several clients across India and across the globe. The company has also been successful to offer Forensics as a tool to prevent the frauds and not just to investigate and has earned the clients from various sectors including banking, finance, insurance, housing development corporations, law enforcement (police and courts), educational institutions, corporates and individuals across the globe.

In the past several years of experience, the company has contributed to educate the people through numerous Workshops, Seminars and Certifications. The reports submitted by Clue4 Evidence has been a key evidence in passing judgements in several cases. Today, Clue4 Evidence Forensic Lab is known for its credibility and efficiency and as an organisation, we strive to offer the forensic needs of this society with the same spirit.

Meet Team

Clue4 Evidence Forensic Lab is managed by a team of forensic experts headed by the Managing Director Mr. Phaneendar BN – Court Commissioned Forensic Expert. Being recognised as one of the youngest court appointed commissioner having his Masters degree in Science and also being a Law graduate, he has been successful in guiding various senior counsels, Police officers and Judges to bridge the gap between law and evidence which facilitates the proper adjudication of the trials.

Our Vision

“To be the ultimate experts in the field of forensics and to offer fraud and risk management services and be the source for justice.”

Our Mission

“To be the corporate of comprehensive & integrated forensic services with a reputation for ENTHUSIASTIC approach, EFFECTIVE quality, EFFICIENT reporting and timely EXPERT advice.”

Factors that makes us the preferred Forensic Professionals

  • ● Dedicated Corporate entity for Forensic Testing
  • ● Reports valid in Court of law and for any investigations
  • ● Experts are exclusively trained in respective domains of operations
  • ● State of the art technologies are part of our infrastructure.
  • ● Network with the Forensic Professionals across India and across globe.
  • ● Memberships with professional associations related to Forensics
  • ● Advisory panel includes various practicing / retired Forensic Professionals and Police officers.
  • ● Confidentiality of the cases are highly respected.
  • ● Sharing the knowledge and experiences through trainings / workshops to educate others.


  • ● Various Law courts including High Courts have passed judgements based on our Forensic Reports.
  • ● Our experts are regularly appointed as ‘Commissioner’ by the order of courts to investigate and submit the report on the evidence.
  • ● Our experts are regularly consulted by various Investigating Agencies including Police Dept. for various investigation aspects.
  • ● Senior Counsels plan their cases based on our advice and consultation for evidences in their cases.
  • ● Our Experts are also the members for BOS and BOE boards for University requirements.

Industries Covered

  • Our services are utilised by all the industries at various stages and making Forensic services being an Universal Requirement for the day. These industries includes but not limited to
  • 1. Law Enforcements
  • 2. Banking / Financial
  • 3. Insurance
  • 4. Manufacturing
  • 5. Marketing
  • 6. Supply / Logistics
  • 7. Corporates / BPO
  • 8. Sales / Retail and many more……..

Services Offered

1. Questioned Document Examination

Forensic document examination or Questioned document examination is a branch forensic science associated with the examination of documents and its various elements which might be currently or in future be a subject matter of dispute. Forensic Handwriting Examination is also considered to be one of the most versatile field of investigations as no computer applications till date has been successful in replacing the skill of the expert before conclusion. The field of document examination requires a combined skill of physics, chemistry and biology based on the document problem in specific cases. Document examination covers (but not limited to) forgery, cheque frauds, document and handwriting authenticity, counterfeiting, wills/ contracts/ deeds, suicide notes, ink, writing instrument, paper, paper folds, stamps, typewriters, printers, dyes, security features and their various combinations.

  • ● Signature Forgery
  • ● Handwriting Identification
  • ● Additions / alterations
  • ● Ink and paper examination
  • ● Printers / typewrite examination
  • ● Rubber stamp / mechanical impression examination
  • ● Preparation of Cross examination of other Handwriting experts
  • ● Consultation and training

2. Digital / Multimedia Forensics

In the past decade there is an immense development in the field of technology and considering the present situation where everything is digitized, there is also a rise in a new class of crimes in relation with the digital or electronic domain increasing at a rate of 107% in 2015, and this creates new challenges for the investigator and law enforcement in catching these criminals. Digital/ Multimedia forensics typically deals with obtaining, preserving and documenting digital and electronic data/ evidence from computers, mobile phones, CCTV, digital cameras, pen drives/ flash drive/ memory cards and other storage media, using various licensed software and hardware tools.

Multimedia Forensics

  • i) Audio
  • a) Audio file authentication
  • b) Speaker identification
  • c) Audio clip enhancement
  • d) Authentication of the source of recording
  • ii) Video
  • a) Video enhancement
  • b) Video file authentication
  • c) Authentication of the source of recording
  • d) CCTV data enhancement and authentication
  • iii) Image
  • a) Image authentication
  • b) Determination of date of capture
  • c) Determination of source used for capturing image
  • d) Verification if the image was morphed/ edited
  • e) Verification if the image was processed
  • Digital Forensics

  • i) Data acquisition and recovery of deleted files
  • ii) Hard disk analysis
  • iii) SMS/ Whatsapp message authentication
  • iv) Pen drive/ flash drive/ memory card - analysis/ recovery

3. Cyber Forensics

In today’s computerised world it is important to pay a little attention to cyber forensics as most of us closely work with computers every day from sharing a photo and connecting to the outer world to making business deals and money transactions over the internet. Cybercrime can be defined as crimes taking place with a computer or computer network as the target, tool or place. Today nearly 18 people per second and counting are becoming victims of cyber crime in the world. Let’s consider a scenario where a hacker, hacks into an organization’s network and steals confidential data and also deletes all the files in the network. Now it is in the best interest of the organization of recover all the files and collect sufficient evidence in order to prosecute the offender and for the same reason a cyber-forensics expert should be call upon to conduct such investigations. It is very important to not tamper with evidence as it can compromise its credibility at the court and thus before attempting to do anything, a cyber-forensic expert has to be called and consulted with in order to collect good quality / quantity of evidence and to also recover the lost data.

  • 1. E-Mail authentication
  • 2. Social media post authentication
  • 3. SMS/ Whatsapp message authentication
  • 4. Server analysis / Router analysis
  • 5. Network packet sniffing
  • 6. Network security audit

4. Fingerprint Examination

Fingerprint is a unique pattern, like the stripes on a tiger, is of different types such as a human fingerprint, machine tool mark, digital fingerprint of a computer, etc. Keeping in mind that no two person, even identical twins share the same fingerprint, and the probability of the fingerprints of two different people matching being 1 among 3 trillion, it can be used by forensic professionals to identify a person, conduct background checks, use as biometric security, etc. For more than a century, fingerprints are used as a reliable form of evidence to identify suspects, solve crimes and link the person to any other previous crimes. Fingerprint detection, collection and analysis is quite a challenge and involves looking at the quality and quantity of information available in the fingerprint to match the collected prints with the known prints, and for this an experienced and qualified forensic fingerprint expert has to be called upon.

  • 1. Fingerprint Comparison in Documents
  • 2. Fingerprint development from scene of crime
  • 3. Fingerprint lifting / photographing for further examination
  • 4. Fingerprinting for PCC documents.

5. Lie Detection / Truth Verification

Lie detection is technically referred as Physiological Detection of Deception. The entire process is based on various questioning techniques and Physiological reaction of the subject being recorded by various technology for further interpretation by a trained expert. Our experts use various techniques such as voice stress analysis, micro expressions and content analysis for the purpose of Lie-detection or Truth Verification.

  • 1. Crime Investigations
  • 2. Insurance Claims
  • 3. Employee Hiring – Credential check
  • 4. Employee Loyalty Check
  • 5. Relationship: pre/post marital relationship conflicts

6. End to End Investigation

Investigation is the process of uncovering the facts and determining the sequence of events. It includes a series of steps from searching, interviewing, interrogating, evidence collection and preservation. An investigator should have an eye for details and should be capable of interpreting the various evidences at the crime scene. Our team of investigators includes officers who have served at various levels at Police and Special Investigation Agencies of our country.

  • 1. Crime Scene Investigations.
  • 2. Corporate Investigations
  • 3. Insurance Investigations
  • 4. Marital Investigations

7. Road Accident Investigations

Accident forensics is a field of forensics that deals with the scientific process of investigating, analysing and drawing conclusion about the events and factors that lead to a vehicular collision. An accident investigation typically starts with the inspection of the crash scene and also includes inspection of the vehicle and reconstruction of the accident. Accident forensics uses the principles and process of physics to determine the cause of accident, speed of vehicle, impact direction, etc. and this is exclusively be done only by experts who are experienced and specialized to evaluate these factors and evidence. Accident forensics usually comes in handy in for insurance companies to pay the claims and or law enforcement to determine if the accident is intentional or not and to establish the role of each vehicle contributing to the accident.

  • 1. Crash Investigation
  • 2. Speed Analysis

8. Fire / Arson investigation

Fire/ arson investigation is the analysis of fire - related incidents, where the fire investigators determine the cause and source of fire by examining the physical attributes of fire. It is important to investigate fire incidents in order to avoid fire accidents in future and to determine if the fire was accidental or intentional in nature. Fire being very destructive in nature consumes all the evidence leading to the determination of source and cause of the fire, and thus poses a challenge for a normal forensic investigator. Therefore it should be kept in mind that a certified fire investigator should be called upon to investigate a fire incident. A fire investigator is usually hired by insurance companies to investigate claims of accidental fire damage.

  • 1. Vehicle Fire
  • 2. Factory / warehouse fire

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