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About Clue4 Evidence Forensic Lab

Evidence being one of the most wanted element in any legal trials / enquiries, failure in presenting appropriate authenticated evidence at suitable stage of the trial has been always a challenge in legal practice today. When criminals are acquitted while everyone blames the legal system, we had a different way to look at the situation and contribute our skills to the society and to be the reason for getting Justice to the victim.

Clue4 Evidence Forensic Investigations Private Limited (Clue4 Evidence Forensic Lab) is a dedicated corporate entity and has been recognised as the competent Forensic Laboratory in the field of testing and investigations. Incorporated in the year 2009, Clue4 Evidence Forensic Lab is now the most preferred Forensic partner for various high profile cases which are being investigated by Police and special investigation agencies across the country.Having the corporate office at Bangalore, Clue4 Evidence Forensic Lab has been efficient in delivering various Forensic services to several clients across India and across the globe. The company has also been successful to offer Forensics as a tool to prevent the frauds and not just to investigate and has earned the clients from various sectors including banking, finance, insurance, housing development corporations, law enforcement (police and courts), educational institutions, corporates and individuals across the globe.

In the past several years of experience, the company has contributed to educate the people through numerous Workshops, Seminars and Certifications. The reports submitted by Clue4 Evidence has been a key evidence in passing judgements in several cases. Today, Clue4 Evidence Forensic Lab is known for its credibility and efficiency and as an organisation, we strive to offer the forensic needs of this society with the same spirit.

Clue4 Evidence Forensic Lab is managed by a team of forensic experts headed by the Managing Director Mr. Phaneendar B.N. Being recognised as one of the youngest court appointed commissioner having his Masters degree in Science and also being a Law graduate, he has been successful in guiding various senior counsels, Police officers and Judges to bridge the gap between law and evidence which facilitates the proper adjudication of the trials.

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