Lie Detection. “There is nothing as deceptive…

“There is nothing as deceptive as an obvious fact” – Arthur Conan Doyle

Lie detection, is a deception detection test which measures the physiological changes in the body to differentiate between truths and lies. It is conducted based on the principle that when a person is lying, there will be some physiological changes in the body. Our experts use various techniques such as voice polygraph, micro expressions, etc. to detect lies, and (or) verify the truth.

We at Clue4 Evidence Forensic Lab have been using Voice Polygraph in combination with Body language and Micro Expressions to identify the deception and have submitted our reports in various investigations and by the order of Courts.

We offer services for

1. Lie detection

2. Truth verification

3. Statement analysis

4. Investigation

5. Marital character check

Lie Detection

Lie detection is also referred as deception detection or polygraph test is a method, which uses questioning techniques along with technology to record the different physiological changes like change in blood pressure; pulse rate, voice modulation, respiration and skin resistance as an indication of emotional disturbances especially of lying when questioned.

Computerized Voice Stress Analyser (CVSA)

CVSA is a method in which the analysis of voice is done to check the loyalty of a person. In this technique the response (voice) of the subject is recorded and then analyzed by the expert and on that basis the result is reported.

Loyalty Check

Today, it’s very essential for corporate business to check loyalty of their employees to protect the interest and integrity of data of their companies by ensuring the trustworthiness of their employees. The top investigation agencies including FBI conduct such tests on their agents and pre-employs just on issues that relate to trustworthiness. Various analysis methods are used by the forensic experts to check the loyalty or trustworthiness of a person and lie-detection is one of them.

Body Language

Body language is a nonverbal form of communication in which behaviors and actions, rather than words are used to convey information, which can be helpful in determining the conduct of the individual by observation and analysis. Along with this, micro expression of the individual are also observed. This can be compiled with lie detection test for the best and factual results.

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