The degree of natural variations in signatures due to an external factor- writing instrument
Natural variations depend on the type of writing instruments but the dependence level due to the instrument is minimal
“A qualitative study on effect of gesture’s in signatures”.
This study showed that different unusual gestures affect maximum on the pressure and alignment on signatures. Characteristics such as rhythm, line quality, writing movement, pen hold were not affected much.
“To identify the similarities between standard writing sample and unusual surface writing sample”.
The study revealed that the character on both the surface did not have much dissimilarity and the percentage of similarities was found to be 72.66%.
“Study of size and proportion in handwriting due to guided writing space constraints”.
This study revealed that when an individual write in a large space, proportion remains same and in a small space writing proportion is varied by comparison with normal writing.
“Disguise Random or recurrence A special orientation on connectivity”.
This study shows that repeated disguise leads to recurrence of habitual handwriting characteristics.
“A study of handwriting and signature impairment executed under the intoxication of alcohol and recreational drugs.”
This study is based on the fact that substance abuse affects handwriting but it is not possible to determine what caused a change in the handwriting from studying the handwriting characteristics. It analyzes the variations by observing class and individual characteristics and the results of the study show the factors affected because of intoxication.
“Is color photocopying a threat to today’s bankers – case study”.
In this study specific cases are discussed to demonstrate the effectivity of color photocopying of property documents and the limitations of bankers in the process of identifying the fraudulent documents.
“Identification of Deception through handwriting characteristics”.
This study is conducted to ascertain if the deception in statements can be identified on the basis of Forensic Handwriting Examination.
“Determination of Copied or Dictated Handwriting based on Examination Of Handwriting Characteristics”.
This study is conducted to determine whether a writing sample has been copied or dictated and can help in comparison of questioned handwritings with exemplars.
“Issues in CCTV evidences and Technology for enhancements”.
The study focused on the technologies used in CCTV enhancement for developing the vehicle numbers, facial construction using a blur image. It is found that the videos received by investigative officers are of very poor quality due to camera, lightings and several other factors and to counter these aspects, technology of video enhancement have been taken into account.
“Study on generations of disguise and similarities with standard writing”.
The study is conducted to analyze effectivity of disguise with respect to the generation of disguise and to set the standards for collection of specimen samples. The study further clarified the characteristics which are frequently disguised and frequently failed to disguise.
“Voice – An important clue to detect deception”.
The study focuses on the use of voice as a clue to rely on the statements which can lead to quick results in investigation and leads the investigation officers in the right direction. This technology, without violating the human rights of the accused, can be added as the investigation tool for better investigations.
“Preparation of spectra of ink”.
The studies focus on analysis and examination of various kinds of inks through the use of Spectrophotometer and prepare a spectrum of each accordingly.
“Negligence By IO and practice of Judicial Dominance impacting Scientific Evidences”.
The study aims to draw an inference on the superiority among the evidence category or any other reasons which impacts the value of the scientific evidence.
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